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Massage Therapy is considered in the professions under the category of Complementary and Alternative Medicine. As a member of this division of health care, Massage Therapists play a large role in providing health care through massage in many modalities.

More and more Health Insurance companies are covering Massage Therapy services for their members. Medical Massage Therapy services are provided by some Massage Therapists, working with physicians, employers and insurance companies as part of the treatment plan for the patient. The patient is under medical care and massage therapy is prescribed by the healthcare professional. These visits are primarily to resolve a specific health problem through multiple visits, as prescribed.

Massage Therapy can treat a problem, or be part of an ongoing wellness plan. A lot of people have considered Massage as a luxury, something to treat themselves with. As our lifestyles have changed, the need for massage today has increased. It is no longer just a luxury, but a beneficial part of an ongoing wellness plan. Poor posture, repetitive tasks, stress, poorly designed work stations, weight gain, lack of exercise, poor core muscles – all contribute to musculature problems. And, over time, these problems increase, resulting in back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, migraines, and more.

One national goal of healthcare is to treat and prevent pain in our patient population. Massage can reduce or relieve pain for many people. This often takes ongoing visits to 1) relieve immediate pain, 2) prevent pain from recurring in the future. Massage therapy can reduce the use of prescription and over the counter pain medications, reducing these added chemicals in the body, which over time can cause health problems.

Eradicating the effects of stress is a huge benefit to ALL people. Our lives are stressful on so many levels, and for so many reasons. Working with your Massage Therapist, you can develop a massage plan to deal with stress, current issues and prevention of new ones. Stressors don’t usually all go away, so the need for continued massage therapy is extremely important in reducing the negative consequences of stress. You only have one body, and massage can help you take care of it.

Massage therapy alone will not meet all of your health goals. But, massage therapy, an exercise program like walking or jogging, and a healthful diet should all be included in an ongoing wellness program. The benefits will be worth the time and energy you put into your wellness plan. Please see your physician prior to starting an exercise program.

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Choosing a Massage Therapist

Massage Therapists come in all shapes, sizes, races, male or female.

“Massage therapy is the practice of using touch to manipulate the soft-tissue muscles of the body.
It is performed for a variety of reasons, including treating painful ailments,
decompressing tired and overworked muscles, reducing stress, rehabilitating
sports injuries, and promoting general health. Clients often seek massage for
its medical benefit and for relaxation purposes, and there is a wide range of
massage treatments available.”*

The state of Florida requires Massage Therapists to have attended a formal education program
and to pass a licensing test.

Massage Therapy coursework covers anatomy & physiology; the study of muscles and underlying tissues
and organs; kinesiology, the study of motion and body mechanics; and the
hands-on practice of massage techniques. Each client brings unique needs the Massage
Therapist must address to provide the best massage outcomes.

You can find Massage Therapists in many venues: spas, hotels, resorts, private practice. The
cost per massage and massage type varies greatly, even in the same market.

Craigslist offers many choices in the “Therapeutic Services” category. And you can google “massage therapist Miami FL” for a list of providers in Miami, for example.

So how do you choose? Choose a Massage Therapist who displays their license in their ads and website. A
therapist with experience is also a good choice. Ask your friends and relatives for a referral. What else are you seeking at a provider’s location – find one that offers what you are seeking.

Most Massage Therapists will do “out calls” and come to your location. These services come at a higher cost, to cover travel, parking, time.

Most Massage Therapists take great pride in their skills and services. Even if the Massage Therapist is self-employed, an offer of a tip for good service is always appreciated. And, if you liked your massage, refer your
friends and relatives and go back yourself for another session.


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Massage Today

It used to be, years ago, that hard physical work that stressed the muscles was the reason people sought massage. Having moved from the agricultural age, to the industrial age to the information age has certainly not diminished the need for massage therapy.

We talk today a great deal about diet and nutrition, weight loss, excercise. All components of a wellness program. The benefits of massage have not made media attention – yet. There are many methodologies to help reduce stress, reduce pain and provide a calming, feeling of restoration. Yoga is one, chiropractic spinal alignments, accupuncture, accupressure, meditation, to name a few.

Massage offers a great many benefits. It is not covered by health insurance, but it should be. The improvement in flexibility, reduction of pain which can reduce the use of medication use for pain control, and the general well being are definite health improvements. Stress causes so many illnesses and most people have no easy way to deal with the build up of stress they carry around with them every day. Stress from managing the long list of chores, activities and work responsibilities of the average husband or wife is overwhelming. An hour long massage provides muscle relaxation and mental relaxation.

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