Why Choose CyberKnife Center Of Miami Over Other Cancer Treatment Centers

When it comes to cancer treatment centers in Miami patients have options. Dr. Mark Pomper, Medical Director at the CyberKnife Center of Miami explains why patients undergoing radiation therapy should consider being treated at CyberKnife Miami.
CyberKnife is the Most Sophisticated Way & Efficient Way to Treat Tumors, Hopefully Curing Them With The Least Amount of Side Effects.
Most Experienced, Educated, Kind & Courteous Staff. People Love Our Staff. They Ease Patients Fears & Hold Their Hand Through the Process.
We Put Patients First
Prostate Cancer is Treated in 5 sessions Instead of 46 With Other Types of Radiation & Should Always be Considered Over Surgery Because it’s Non-invasive and Has Less Risk of Side Effects.
We Offer Free Consulation to Determine if CyberKnife Therapy is Your Best Option.
Dr. Pomper’s Message to people who don’t about CyberKnife Therapy, do your research, learn all your options before making a decision about your treatment, be your own patient advocate. To talk to Dr. Pomper and to learn more call the CyberKnife Center of Miami 305-279-2900

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