Treat Yourself to a Facial. A Pro Shows us How it's Done.

Treat yourself to a facial. Your skin will love you. Renown Health Aesthetician, Heidi Nicol, demonstrates a facial cleansing and moisturizing session with some great Renown products. She uses steam, a clay mask and plenty of sunscreen. Nicol equates a facial to getting your teeth cleaned. It is much better when done by a professional. Renown Dematology, Laser & Skin Care offers numerous clinical and beauty services, including other types of facials.
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Fibrosis treatment post-lipo 4 years old by Medical Massage Professionals – Miami

Testimony: Patient from Texas, looking for fibrosis treatment post-liposuction. She was treated with hand massage, cupping, metal blade, and ultrasound. She got amazing improvement with our “Sotelo-Paz technique for fibrosis treatment and soft tissue mobilization”(TM). Public can see before and after pictures (after our treatment in Miami) going to our Instagram page: lymphaticdrainagepostop. Our pictures are real, no photoshop and our patients can express their testimony freely without receiving any payment.

Relieve Eye Strain with these Expert Tips

The average American adult spends nearly 11 hours each day staring at a computer screen, TV, smartphone, video game or tablet. Learn how to relieve eye strain at work and home with these expert tips from David Granet, MD, of the Shiley Eye Institute at UC San Diego Health.

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