Ayurvedic Indian Pressure Point Head Massage For Extreme Hair Growth & Relaxation|Sushmita's Diaries

Hi Everyone,
Here, I am sharing the ancient Ayurvedic Indian pressure point head massage technique for extreme hair growth and relaxation.
Marma Pressure Points are scattered throughout the body including head, neck and the face.
These Marma Points when pressed boost blood circulation and hence enhance hair growth and cures other problems like headache, stress, anxiety, insomnia, tinnitus etc.

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ASMR Back Massage 2; Swedish Massage Therapy Techniques For Back Rubs; Full Body Massage Series 4

In this series of videos Christen demonstrates Swedish Massage Therapy techniques on the entire body
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ASMR #BackMassage 2; #SwedishMassage Therapy Techniques For Back Rubs; Full Body #Massage Series Part 4

In this series of videos Christen demonstrates Swedish Massage Therapy techniques on the entire body demonstrating each part of the body including the back, chest, abdomen, face, feet, hands, legs, thighs and neck.

This is an ASMR Massage featuring gentle soft spoken whisper by Christen Renee. Christen Renee is a licensed massage therapist practicing in Austin Texas.

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